7 Cafe Insider Secrets Exposed

Published: 19th December 2012
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Are you a frequent visitor at the coffee shop? How much do you truly understand about what happens in the coffee shop? Sure, possibly since you happen to be there on a regular basis, you've already noticed that they employ single cup coffee machines (e.g. the Keurig Platinum and the Senseo Coffee Makers) since they usually just brew as it's purchased. However, there are many interesting things that go on inside the coffeehouse that you would be blown away about.

Several baristas disclose some insider secrets on what really takes place in the cafe. Listed here are several of these:

#1: Size Is Irrelevant

Obviously, if you see a higher cup, you'd think that you're getting much more coffee. This isn't actually not at all times the truth. Generally, the shot or quantity of caffeine is just the same, the bigger cup just has a lot more milk.

#2: Conjuring an Espresso is an Art

Most baristas are very happy to be experts of the art of making an espresso. Ideally, the shot should take 18 to 22 seconds just before pulling. In today's leading coffee houses, if the shot just isn't perfect, they don't really serve it.

#3: Baristas Head to School

Yes, no one can just show up and say "I would like to work as a barista" without showing some accreditation. Baristas actually head to school to learn almost everything about coffee. Now there is really no question why they're known as the professionals at it!

#4: Excellent Latte Art = Excellent Coffee

You know if it is a good latte if the art on it is complex and cleanly made. If the heart design (or smiley design) in the latte keeps, it simply signifies that foam's regularity is pretty good and the shot was carried out perfectly.

#5: Don't Assume Every Shop Sells the Real Thing

Truthfully, only a few coffeeshops around really sell the things they advertise. A perfect example will be selling branded products; not every shop actually uses the particular brand but then the customers just do not notice it.

#6: Customers are the Reason Behind Long Lines

No, it's not true that it is management's fault if the place has a long line of waiting buyers. The reality is, clients are actually the reasons why there are long lines in the first place. Those who talk on the phone or talk with others are the major causes of delay. It is because when their turn to order arrives, it'll still take them a short time to end their current dialogue and some more time to make a decision what to order.

#7: No, Nicotine is not why Coffee is Habit Forming

A number of people are self-confessed coffeeholics. But why the habit? No, it is not factual that caffeinated beverages have amounts of nicotine; that's a metropolitan legend. The dependency is merely powered by the body's craving for that "extra push".

These are merely seven of many other things that proceeds in a coffee shop each day. Needless to say, using single serve coffeemakers isn't that a very good secret anymore since these things can naturally be seen by every customer.


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